Por Javier Alvarez | 02/10/2016


Hoy nuevamente la realidad supera la ficción. Pronto podrás controlar tus sueños, mediante un dispositivo que detecta cuando estas soñando y te envia señales directamente a tu sueño para convertirlo en un sueño lúcido. Ahora podras controlar todo lo que pasa en tus sueños.

Dreams and sleep play an important role in our health and happiness. While sleep rejuvenates the body, dreams rejuvenate the mind. Meet iBand+, the headband that helps you sleep and dream!

A truly smart wireless Bluetooth EEG headband, iBand+ senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy. It also conceals special health tracking sensors to measure body movement, heart rate and body temperature.

iBand+ tracks and analyzes information about your brain and body throughout the sleep cycle with an advanced auto-learning software algorithm. It then uses this information to play and intelligently adjust the audio-visual signals to:

Induce lucid dreams
Help you fall asleep easily
Wake up naturally
The RGB LEDs on iBand+ headband and the compact iBand+ pillow speakers work together to effectively deliver audio-visual stimuli while providing optimum user comfort.

Based on the information gathered from your previous sleep cycles, iBand+ app recommends the audio-visual techniques that can work best for you and helps you choose from the pre-loaded audios. You can also choose from your own music and audiobook library.

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